Avoid Accidental Discharges on Glock, AR15 platforms, Remington, Winchester and Benelli M2 Shotguns.

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Triggersafe™ is a unique, patented device designed to safely and completely cover the trigger of Glock, mil-spec AR-15 rifles/pistols and now Remington, Winchester and Benelli M2 Shotguns. Triggersafe™ is designed to help avoid accidental and negligent discharges during times when we do not have positive control of a LOADED rifle that can occur during training, hunting, range time, dry fire, transportation or storage.

Triggersafe™ prevents accidental pulling of the rifle trigger by quickly, easily and securely covering the trigger of the firearm. Triggersafe is NOT a locking device and was not designed for operational times. It was designed to fix a problem that we know occurs when a firearm is being handled. Tirggersafe™ is not a replacement for firearm safety rules or safe firearm handling. 

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Get Logoed Triggersafe™ from Outdoor Promo Gear!

Outdoor Promo Gear is the exclusive supplier of Logoed Triggersafe™. We print your logo on one side of the TriggerSafe™ in full color. This allows you to brand Triggersafe™ with your company, lodge, club or group logo.

Logos printing is designed for the outdoor environment and to hold up for several years of regular use.


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