The Question You Should Be Asking

  • Jan 20, 2020

As a promotional manager, the question of “What’s New?” is the most common asked. New may be cool, but in today’s marketplace it’s not always best.

Our culture has changed; it is now about the experience and sharing. With this transformation it means the question you should be asking is: How will the item integrate into the recipient’s lifestyle?  

On the surface finding an item that a person will use seems easy. A shopping tote, tumbler or flashlight all have utility value. However, just printing a logo on a useful item will not make it the recipient’s favorite or get them to make it part of their lifestyle—utility is only half the solution. The other half is making it relatable to the recipient.

The cool thing with branded items is you get to choose the imprint! For many companies it will be there logo as large as they can print it. (Yes, I have done this for my own promotional items also.) This works best for well-received brands like Jeep, Yeti or Seahawks. For everyone else, there is often a better option.

When someone receives your promotional item, you want to achieve two things:
   1) promote your brand, and
   2) be the recipient’s favorite item so they use it or show it to others.

While your competitor is making it all about them and printing their logo as large as they can, you take a smarter approach, making it about the recipient. You imprint something they can relate to and tagging it with your logo. 

Standard Tumbler with Company Logo




Standard Tumbler with Creative Imprint

Small Company Logo


These tumblers are the same. The cost is the same. The only difference is the imprint. One will be more relatable to the recipient, increasing  its effectiveness as it will be their tumbler of choice—integrating into their lifestyle.  

Always look for products and invest in imprints that will be relatable to the recipient’s lifestyle. Doing this will make your marketing dollars go further and give you a greater return on investment. For more information email


Creating items that integrate into the recipients lifestyle can be done with any product:


Bottle Opener in shape of test meter. Actual test meter on right.





Standard Leather Coaster printed as a survey marker showing the company’s headquarters.

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