Selecting the Best Insulated Tumbler

  • Apr 17, 2023

Choosing insulated mugs, tumblers and water bottles can be a bit confusing. Popular brands like Yeti, Thermos, Stanley and Hydro Flask have set the trends in both the retail and promotional marketplace. Here is the secret behind what makes them different.

When selecting the right drinkware for your outdoor adventure, it comes down to they type of insulation that works best for the activity.

When you're enjoying an adventure it is critical to say hydrated along the way. That's the easy part, just carry water where ever you go. The key is being able to control of the temperature and that is where insulation comes into play and the difference in your options.

Insulation is the reduction of heat transfer. Or, to think of it another way, keeping hot beverages hot and cold beverages cold. Thinking back to the old aluminum canteens, they did a great job in keeping our water safe, but they did little to maintain the temperature. I can remember camping in the Arizona Desert. In in the morning, my canteen water was cool, yet by mid-day it had heated up. Turning it into what I called "Yucky Water." There was very little insulation on these old school canteens.

Today, we have many more options on ways to control the transfer of heat through the manufacturing process and the materials used.

There are five basic types of insulation that are common in today's marketplace.

 silicone sleeve /
single wall
 air insulation  foam insulation  vacuum insulation copper vacuum insulation

 protective sleeve

single wall

 air in between walls  foam between walls  no air between walls no air between walls + copper plated inner wall
bad good better best


sleeve reduces condensation HOT 2 hours
COLD 4 hours
HOT 3 hours
COLD 6 hours
HOT 8 hours
COLD 16 hours
HOT 12 hours
COLD 24 hours
$ $$ $$$ $$$$ $$$$$

While the price might sometimes scare you from buying the bottle you want, it is not the price you should be focused on. Consider your market and the purpose. It does little good to provide single wall tumbler if your market is engaged in outdoor activities where they would get better use from a vacuum insulated version. Focus on the use and you will become their favorite bottle.


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